Appliance Installation and Wiring

Dedicated Circuit Wiring

According to The National Electrical Code fixed appliances must be served by their own dedicated circuit.
That means appliances such as an electric range, refrigerator, or air conditioner cannot share the same circuit.

appliance watts usageYou may be surprised to know that this applies not only to bulky appliances but to devices we use throughout each day. As you can see from this chart your coffee maker consumes 12 times more watts than a ceiling fan.

If you run the coffee maker along with a 1400 watt toaster oven on the same 20 amp circuit you would already be over the recommended maximum for that circuit. (900+1400)=2300. Recommended capacity for a 20 amp circuit is 80% of 2400= 1920.

Here are some common appliances that require a dedicated circuit

front load dryer

Front load dryer

Blow dryer
Central vacuum
Electric range
Garage door opener
Garbage disposals
Heating and air conditioning units
Hot tub
Space heater
Sump pump
Wall ovens
Water heaters

home spa

Home spa

Water pump


With so many new electronic devices in homes today it’s a good idea to find out if your existing circuitry is up to the job.

We’d be happy to diagnose the existing circuity in your home. If necessary, we can install dedicated circuits so that you have peace of mind. And you’ll know which outlets in your home are best to operate your new devices safely and efficiently.


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